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Unturned – Adding a plugin



  1. Download a plugin with ending .dll
    Plugins for download?

    Plugins for your servers find on this website.

  2. Connect to FTP and go into this folder  /home/user01/unturned/Servers/pvp/Rocket/Plugins, upload the plugin to this folder:
  3. Restart the server. In PuTTy write cd /home/user01/ and then ./restart.sh


  • If plugin suppports permissions, you can configurated it. Example permission: <Permission Cooldown=”0″>ufly</Permission>
  • Configuration file permissions is located in directory /home/user01/unturned/Servers/pvp/Rocket
  • Default Permissions.config.xml:
  • Modifed Permissions.config.xml:
  1. Group ID
  2. Name in chat
  3. Prefix before name
  4. Suffix after name
  5. Chat color
  6. Member of Group (SteamID)
  7. Parent group – inherit permissions from child group
  8. Permissions
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