OpenTTD – Basics

SSH klient
Purchased and installed OpenTTD server
client OpenTTD (1.6.1)

1. Open SSH clienta, or web interface
2. Log in (all details was send in email)
3. Preinstalled server start with openttd -D, or restart with “./”

Server configuration:
1. Log in to server (you must be able to edit text files, if you are new to command use “mc”)
2. navigate to folder /home/user01/.openttd
3. Open file openttd.cfg
4. In this file make your changes and save it
5. Go back to main folder with cd /home/user01
Restart server with ./

In case you aren’t good at web setting, than best way how to setup your server is using localhost. Setup localhost, than upload your config files to server.

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