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OpenTTD – Joining to game


Joining to game:

  1. Log in with SSH klienta to your VPS (all details you get in email)
  2. If server isn’t running use command „./restart.sh”
  3. Now start klient and choose  “Multyplayer”:
  4. Now choose “Add server”:
  5. Into text field write your IP adress or DNS record (IP adress is in web administration, or email with details)
  6. After pressing button “OK” your server will be shown in server list
  7. Select server and press “Join game”
  8. Now you can start new company or join existing one
  9. If you want your company only accesable by you you can setup password

Setup Company Password

Company password is setable only ingame. Join game as your company owner, open company overwiev and click to button password.

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