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OpenTTD – NewGRF and custom content


  • SSH client
  • Purchased and istalled OpenTTD server
  • client OpenTTD (1.6.1)

Possibility of custom content

Custom content in OpenTTD isnt limited to new type of vehicles, so before install i describe them first.


  • Probably most wanted content is NewGRF, in this group is new vehicles, building, landscapes and more…
  • You can upload NewGRF manualy, which take for my taste long, or use inbuild download system


  • Next things you can install to your server is artifitial inteligence scripts, which can change behaviours of different things like vehicles, BOT building, city grow
  • You are not limited to uplaoad sigle AI, exist even AI libs


  • Unless AI scripts are able put new content to your server, like new graph or connect server statistics with web
  • Like AI you can upload single scripts or whole libs


  • If you love predefined game with achievments etc. then you can choose some of lots scenarios which contain maps and goals which you must achive to win

Height maps

  • Next nice thing you cen add is height maps. This maps generate your map according to the draft from two bit pictureWhiter places will be higher

Rest of thing which you can add is only for client like graphic, music and sound packages

Custom content

  • If you want add content you can use two paths, this instruction use NewGRF as pattern
    a) Manual uplaoad  – download your packages and unzip (usualy packages are in .zip/.tar) and upload all files with extenstion .grf to folder  /home/user01/.openttd/newgrfb
    b) Using console:
    1. Open OpenTTD console, if your VGS is running use command “screen -r”, if isn’t runnig then use command for tuning on”./restart.sh” then “screen -r”
    2. Now write “content update” 3. Watch out, if you will be inactive your will be disconected from packages server and you must repeat step two. Now for print all avalible package write commend “content state”
    Now you can see printed whole official packages, only one thing what you will need is number (that in red rectangle), already downloaded package are marked as installed
    4. All chosen package you must mark for download using command “content select ID”, instead of ID put number of package or use all (this will add all packages in list to download array).
    5. If you are finished witch chosing type “content download” now you see downloading in progress, if not and you were disconected go to step two 6. Leave console (ctrl a + d) and start MidnightCommander (command: “mc”),
    in fistr window navigate to ~/.openttd/content_download/newgrf
    in second to ~/.openttd/newgrfIf you want save some time, use hotkey F5, or button and extract only .grf files. With two windou you have predefined path.7.If you have all packages extracted lets go to install them


  • If you have all your packages in ~/.openttd/newgrf so you must register them in configuration
    1. Open openttd.cfg
    2. Find [newgrf]
    3. There is place for registering your packages (for ex: jpland.grf=), all packages must end with =.
    Warning! if you have package in folder like: ~/.openttd/newgrf/jpland/juan_land.grf then dont forget write even that folder (final example: juan_land/jpland.grf)
    4. Save changes
    5. When server dont print error you have succesfuly installed NewGRF, when do print error see install guide for help.
    If packages is succesfuly installed and look to openttd.cfg [newgrf] so it will look like in picture (keys are automaticly filled)
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